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As of this writing, I have graduated from the University of the Arts, as a senior Illustration Major, this past May of 2003. Between the months of November 2003 to the end of March 2004 I was then employed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as a Vistor Services Assistant. Currently, I working outside of my major, and yet, I am more determined than ever to make myself known with my art work!

Though I plan to pursue the path of Children's Book illustration, I have long since had a passion for Japanese art and animation as shown by the work on this page.


I am also known to occassionally illustrate for fan fiction based off Japanese animation as seen in the following links:

This site belongs to Will Wolfshohl (also known as Tuxedo Will) and Douglas Helm the authors of various forms of fanfiction related to the anime" Sailor Moon." Their site can be located if you click here or here. Due to the many images that I have produced for their stories, most notably the "Adventures of the Chibi Scouts" Part 1 and 2, I have been given my own pages, linked above.

The following siteis the ever popluar Dragon Ball Z website, "Saiyans in Suits: Trunks and Gohan", which can be found here, though the page owner will soon be moving all of her content to her own domain (featuring information and writing for other anime such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Please Save My Earth etc). That page is located here. Both of these sites belong to the author known only to the public as "Saiyan Scholar," or "Dragoness of Fire." Though it can also be found on my site, my image above, is the cover art for her story "Destination Earth" found in the Gohan section under "My Fanfics," in the first, exclusive, Dragon Ball Z web site.

Both links above are part of "Rymsie's Inuyasha" located here. She is known for her remarkable fanfiction for the Japanese animated title called "Inuyasha." My images in the links above are from her stories, "Cast of Stone" and "End of Eternity."

My work can also be found at my friend Danielle Vanstane's "Spirit Haven," her own website which displays her talent in both art and writing! Visit her site here or, you can find my work, which is also displayed here on my own website, by visiting these direct links:

Most of the paintings located on my site, however, were actually pieces that I completed and sold the summer of 2002 when I attended the Otakon Japanese Animation convention.  Click here for more information! They were all inspired by some of my favorite "anime" series and I intended to stay true to the likeness of the actual characters when completing the works.

Following that year's success, I then attended Otakon 2003, where my friend Danielle Vanstane and I, (again visit her website here) displayed our art work in the Otakon Artist Alley for the very first time! After last year's sucess I hope that we will be able to participate in the Otakon Art Show or the Artist Alley again this summer and hopefully sell and produce work that are at a higher, more professional level than what we display on either of our sites. 

Email me if you have any questions or would like any further information about commissions and such. :) Thank you!


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