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Chapter 2


Author’s note:  Well, what can I say about this story?  Firstly, let me warn anyone who isn’t a fan of romance between Yami and Tea/Anzu beforehand.  This story was inspired by small bits of interaction between them in the anime and manga, which I will make reference to when appropriate, as well as a vivid dream that I had one night.  As a whole, I have always thought those two would make an interesting couple but I wanted to add a twist to it, that may make it somewhat believable.  The events may even come full circle by the story’s end, but only time will tell…

                 I’m taking some reference from the Yu-gi-oh: Forbidden Memories video game for Playstation as I write this and though I am following some story elements of the manga chapters for the Ancient Egypt arc, I simply picked up where chapter 299 left off and then made my own interpretations afterwards. Though I made reference to what I believe might happen, I chose to remain vague since that was not really the direction I wanted to go with this story anyhow.  I’m certain that things that I have written here will be proven wrong as the rest of the manga chapters for this storyline are released, but for this sake of this fan fiction, I am only including information up to that point. Also, I won’t pretend that I know what Yami Yugi’s real name is either, so in this story; I will simply name him “Yami”, to avoid any confusion. 

Chapter 1

                                *So….  This is how it ends….*  Yami thought to himself.

                He felt the energy from his body gradually draining away as he lay unmoving and severely wounded on the palace floor.  Allowing his eyes to travel in all directions instead, he gazed at the once richly and intricately gilded contents of the eastern wing, which had served as his throne room and his own personal training arena.  Only days before, he had both witnessed as well as participated in dueling in that very place; but now there were only ruins, the mass destruction caused by his final confrontation with Bakura.  “Bakura….”  Yami mouthed slowly.

                His mind was beginning to grow hazy….  In his weakened state, everything that had happened seemed so muddled to him.  The events had occurred so quickly….  But now, they were nothing but a blur; random flashes that were beginning to lose their clarity.  He could recall his pursuit of the treacherous thief on horseback….  He could see visions of Osiris and Diabound in the sky, the slaughter of innocents, the panic and hysteria on the streets….  He could recall the fate of his loyal priests…having managed to lure Bakura back to the palace, away from his remaining subjects, and then, their final destined battle….  A fierce and devastating collision that had seemed endless….until finally Yami, who had already taken the full force of Bakura’s assaults, had used his very life force to destroy Bakura utterly, and to make sure that the Millennium items, and whatever power they possessed, would be sealed away….along with him….  Lowering his eyes from the ceiling, Yami felt overcome with despair.  He pondered his decision, though all along it had felt like the power to choose had been taken out of his hands from the beginning.   

                                *I should have known it would turn out this way….*  He concluded to himself.   *I have seen the future, both Bakura’s and mine.  If only I had known then, the first time….  But it’s too late.  I understand it now...  The events are playing out exactly as they did all those years ago.…  This…  All of this is nothing more than an illusion, recorded data no less; a world created by my sub-conscious.*  

                Despite these rationalizations Yami still feared where his path would take him from this point on, as he looked towards the gleaming pyramid shaped item that seemingly waited for his remaining strength to die out.  What would become of him?  Where would he go?  Would he simply perish here, his soul inhabiting the Millennium Puzzle, only to wait for several thousand years until Yugi awakened him again?  Would this be some sort of cruel eternal wheel that he would have to undergo time after time?  No, surely that would be beyond cruel, beyond pain; beyond suffering…..  Such a fate would be worse then hell itself! 

                Or, would reliving his death simply take him back to Yugi and his friends as if he had never left them?  Would he then receive the answers that he had come for?  He now knew the circumstances of the last days that he had lived; fragments of his life with his father, the truth about Priest Seto and his faithful magicians Mahaado and Mana, and most importantly the full extent of Bakura’s hatred, a hatred that would be so great that it would follow them both far beyond death, time, and space.  But as for existence before that….it was still so unclear to him!  What if he never regained his full memory?  What if he was doomed to wander the earth, never attaining the peace and closure that he longed to find?  What if-  Yami moaned in agony, interrupting his train of thought.  Even if this world was not real, the same could not be said for the physical pain that he was experiencing now.  His entire body hurt…..  He could almost pinpoint every gash, every injury that had been inflicted upon him; wounds that he had only made worse when he used his own powers at the battle’s end.  Barely able to lift a hand, he saw that his palm and the tips of his fingers were completely covered with blood, though as he continued to stare, this vision too was starting to dim.  It wouldn’t be long now….  It was only a matter of time before-

                                *I have already died once, *  He reassured himself.  Closing his eyes, he placed his hand on the Millennium Puzzle.  *I suppose none of this matters now….*



                In the streets of the village beyond, Teana had finally managed to push through the crowd that had been screaming in terror at the sight of the enormous beasts battling in the sky.  Before she had been overwhelmed by the fleeing mob, she had seen him...the man with white hair on horseback wearing an object emitting a familiar, unearthly glow around his neck…..  Laughing maniacally, he had quickly sped past her, for he was being pursued by….the pharaoh…. 

                               “Yami….”  She whispered to herself as an intense fear began to engulf her. 

                Suddenly there was a pain in her chest, a sharp jolt that had seized her.  She could sense it….  Her heart was telling her something….  She knew that something had happened….  Something terrible….  *No!*  She screamed internally.  She wouldn’t, couldn’t allow herself to think that way.  “I have to see him!  I have to get to him!”  She decided.

                Unseen by the other villagers or the guards that were attempting to maintain order among them, she ran towards the palace as fast as her legs could carry her.  In the back of her mind she became aware of the fact that no one was blocking her path!  But then…she knew that if Yami had indeed returned to the palace, to deal with that monster Bakura, she reasoned that he would have ordered everyone to evacuate the area, fearing for their safety.  *That’s just like him…..*  She thought fondly.  She allowed herself a small smile as she continued onward.

                Finally arriving at her, she stopped to catch her breath before looking up ahead.  For a moment she could see nothing, nothing but smoke and dust accompanied by a thunderous rumbling, sounding in all directions.  But as it began to clear, she was overwhelmed by the horrible sight before her eyes.  “Oh no….  The palace!”  She cried, cupping her hands to her mouth.  The beautiful palace that she had seen so many times in the distance was now partially destroyed.  Visible even in that dark, moonless night were rubble and debris; shattered representations of the once mighty rulers that had preceded Yami’s reign, as well as crumbling obelisks and balconies; some of which was still crashing to the ground as she watched.  And among the devastation were the bodies of the guards that had served on duty that very evening; guards that had dared to stand in Bakura’s way during his earlier escape.  Pressing her hand against her chest, her heart went out to those that had fallen in battle and she prayed that Osiris would take pity on them and grant them each a new existence in the after life; a reward for their courage and bravery perhaps.  And yet, seeing the vicious slaughter of these men only increased the terror within her.  She then noticed that her breathing had become heavy and that her body had begun to shake uncontrollably!  She was so afraid….afraid of what she would find inside….  But she quickly regained hold of herself as best she could; repressing those thoughts.  She had to find Yami….  That was all that mattered! 

                And so Teana began her search, running from room, to room, to room in the enormous establishment, which spanned for not one, but several buildings!  And yet, despite the odds, she allowed her instincts to guide her way….  Though panic and fear never left her mind, she began to remember how she had once longed to freely explore the palace; to laughingly wander like a child in play, with Yami at her side.  Her heart began to ache at that thought, and she struggled to hold back a river of tears that were just waiting to be shed.  In truth that was all she had ever wanted from life, to be with him, to live there happily together.  Only days, hours before, she had finally begun to believe that her dream might even be possible….  But now…. 

                Suddenly, as she had continued her run through a long and narrow corridor, she had felt a strange…indescribable sensation within her!  She had never felt anything like it!  It was….almost as if something had actually passed through her!  Though the idea seemed ludicrous, she stopped momentarily to glance behind, but there was nothing and no one accept an eerie silence, penetrated only by the flickering of torches that faintly lit her surroundings.  Though confused at what had occurred, she dismissed it and continued searching, her mind calling for Yami the entire way. 

                Finally, she reached what she believed to be the throne room in the eastern wing of the palace, and she halted before the entranceway.  Still struggling to remain calm, she lightly touched the door, as if she was trying to sense something from within.  Yes…  This was the right place.  She could feel it….  Somehow, she just knew that Yami was there!  But….  Was she prepared to see him?  Knowing that maybe he….  She had to go inside!  She had to know that he was all right!  For what felt like an eternity, Teana slowly pushed the massive door open, the loud creaking being rivaled only by the sound of her racing heart beat.  Within seconds her eyes frantically scanned the entire area, until finally they fixed upon a figure lying on the ground…..  As if something had struck her, she leaned against the threshold, attempting to maintain her balance….  Unable to cross it, she could only stand there for a moment, gasping in horror….