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This image,once again done in opague water color, is an illustration for another piece of fan fiction, one written by a dear friend of mine, Miss Danielle Vanstane. To go to her website and to see her own impressive artwork click here.

Her story is based off the intricate plot of the video game Lunar: the Silver Star for Sega CD and Lunar: the Silver Star Story on Playstation. The writing takes the plot to the next level by adding to the events of the games, while also introducing new and exciting characters with their own tasks and destinies to fulfill. To find this story, you can click here.

In my illustration, I have depicted the author's two main characters Portia and Yasuo. Throughout her fanfiction the couple faces an enormous amount of danger and turmoil which I attempted to capture with the ominous setting that I have placed them in. Yasuo himself undergoes a startling physical and mental transformation as the story progresses, which is actually beginning to occur in my image.

The story itself is one of true love, destiny, and the fight against evil occuring not only around the characters, but also within themselves. Once more, I encourage all viewers to read this great piece of fan fiction!


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