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Author’s Note:  After reviewing the comments that I have received for this story, I thought that I would take the time to try to address a few of them.  Firstly, I want to thank everyone who’s taken a bit of their own time to read this fan-fiction of mine!  This is my first story and I am truly giving it my best effort to make it believable and enjoyable for not only myself, but for those who have chosen to read it as well.  Thank you again! All of you!

                Secondly, I noted that there are quite a few fans throughout all of that are not fond of Tea or Anzu in the least.  Though, I must admit that I disagree with these claims, (though I WILL say that I greatly prefer Anzu over her dubbed counterpart Tea) it’s important to note that my character “Teana” isn’t exactly Tea OR Anzu at all.  Yes, it is true that I took the character from the Playstation game, Yu-gi-oh: Forbidden Memories, but aside from that, the way I am approaching this character is uniquely from my own imagination.  Meaning that yes, I am trying to mention some key characteristics that tie “Teana” to the character Tea/Anzu, but in truth, I have also attempted to create a character with her own background and individual characteristics.  I suppose you could think of it like the differences between the Seto of the past, and the Seto of the present.  Yes, they are technically the same person, but they act differently due to their upbringing, surroundings, and the people that are in their lives.  This will be the case for Teana as well.  Furthermore, if I am completely honest, I can even say that I am basing her personality, and the way she responds to the events occurring around her, more on myself than the real Tea/Anzu, since, in truth, there has been very little character development involving her within the anime or manga. 

                As I have mentioned previously, I have been conducting a great deal of research for this story and in particular I am studying what life was like for women in Ancient Egypt.  The relevance of this research will be revealed in future chapters, starting with this one, in fact.  But again, it is vital that I clarify that Teana is quite different from Tea/Anzu, in the way she behaves, and feels.  Once more, this is true because of the way her life has been during this era, as you will all soon see…. 

                In addition, I must mention that I have revised chapter 2, in terms of how I described what Teana looks like.  In my mind, she does not look like the “Teana” in the Yu-gi-oh: Forbidden Memories video game at all.  If anything I can say that I designed her myself after performing my research.  Yes, she still looks moreor less like Tea/Anzu but there are some key differences too, mainly the fact that she looks much more authentic in her Ancient Egyptian guise than she did in the game.
                If you would like to see what Teana looks like yourself, please visit my homepage, located on my user profile, to view a fan art that I painted.  And if you are interested, please see my image of Yami that I have created for this fan-fiction as well.  These two paintings should be located at the bottom of the front page being that they are the most recent.  

                If possible, I suggest that you re-read that chapter too, in or to get a better feel for her appearance.  Furthermore, I have made a few other changes in my earlier installments for this story, such as chapter 4 and a little bit of chapter 3 as well.  Nothing too major was altered, but I am constantly attempting to add more description in all of my chapters, to make what I write clearer for the reader.  

                Finally, it has come to my attention that perhaps the way in which this story is being written has been confusing for some.  I am aware that perhaps not every one is familiar with all aspects of Yu-gi-oh, especially the “Egypt Arc” that is currently taking place within the manga/comics.  

                For more information, I suggest you visit “Jenniyah’s Yu-gi-oh Scanslation Page,” which can be found easily with the aid of any search engine, or “Janime’s Yu-gi-oh Page.”

                 In both of these sites, you can read more about the real storyline in which this fan-fiction is based, and you can find out about many other things related to Yu-gi-oh, including more about the anime, music, characters, and so forth!  However, as I noted in my first chapter, my story was written with this “Egypt Arc” in mind, but from chapter 299 onward, I then began to make my own interpretations of what would happen.  I know for a fact that many of my guesses have already been proven wrong as more of these real manga chapters have been released.  And yet I will continue with this fic anyhow.  

                As far as my story goes, however, the general plot is that I am having Yami experience some of his past.  He is reliving the memories that he has had with Teana during his lifetime in Ancient Egypt.  Yes, he is still lying in the palace injured, but his mind has taken him back to the moments in which I am describing.  Think of them as very vivid flashbacks.  Since my story focuses on the relationship between Teana and Yami, I believed it would be important to discuss their history together, hence, the events within these last few chapters.  Anyways, I hope that this commentary has been helpful.  I ask that if anyone has any other specific questions regarding what I have written, please feel free to comment and I will do my best to respond.  Thank you again!

Chapter 7

                When she had settled to wait for their arrival home, Teana opted to take the time to quietly prepare herself, to choose her words carefully; to think things through so Yami could comprehend what she wished to tell him…  All that she wished to tell him….  And yet, no sooner had she made that decision did Teana begin to feel the full force of her weariness.  She could feel herself slipping….her eyelids growing heavier by the second, the sensations from her body slowly leaving her.  It was hard to fight it…  So very hard…..  Yes; it was becoming increasingly difficult indeed to resist the temptation, to just give in…..  To rest…..  She had tried to keep her body moving; flexing a hand or an arm, all in order to maintain her alertness.  And yet as more time passed she soon found that her limbs were seemingly lifeless, unresponsive, perhaps everything but her mind had already fallen asleep!  It was a logical assumption….  She was just so….completely drained, so exhausted….  Never had her mind and body been pushed to such limits!  So many things had happened, in just one day! 
                As Yami carried her onward, she felt the urge to simply doze off grow stronger still.  Even the sound of his footsteps coursing through the desert sand seemed to be sleep inducing in their monotonous rhythm.  But then….  There was also something soothing about being in his embrace, having Yami cradle her, having his arms around her….  There was such comfort in them….  Such warmth…..  It had been so long since…..  Yes, how many years had it been since she had felt such tranquility, since she had feltthis…..solace….?  Teana didn’t want it to end….  She just wanted to stay there with him, to have him hold her like that forever.  She had often wished that-

                                “Teana?”  Yami said, interrupting her thoughts.
                                “Huh?”  Weakly, she attempted to lift her head a little in response.   “Oh…..”  But she then lowered it again; aware of what he was asking her.  “It’s…..not much further now….  Around that corner….” she remarked, grimly.  

                With those words, Yami’s simple statement, Teana felt her body begin to revitalize itself, to awaken.  Once more she felt her heart and breathing both begin to quicken, as she remembered her apprehension, her fear that Yami would vanish into the night, that he would leave her for good!  There were only a few short minutes left…..!

                                *No….  Yami….  I can’t lose you too…..  Please, not you too…..*  Teana thought to herself. 

                Inhaling deeply, she slowly and hesitantly raised her head again, this time to look up towards his.  It was still there…..  Even now, he wore that same hard, emotionless expression.  He remained silent, unmoved.  He refused to even acknowledge her with a single glance….  It was almost as if…..she had already lost him…!  The urgency of that notion sent a force equivalent to an electrical shock throughout her entire being and instantly she tightened her grip on Yami’s sleeve, burying her head in his embrace like a frightened child.  If she had looked up then she would seen a sudden bewilderment; then a brief show of emotion flash in Yami’s face, all before disappearing as quickly as it had come…..  And yet, all Teana could think about, was holding him tighter…  She just knew that she had to hold on….

                Finally Yami had stopped walking…..  With a gasp, Teana whirled her head around to look in front of her.  They had arrived…..  Somehow Yami had known that of all the mud brick houses in the row in which she had directed him, he had come to her very own.  Teana could feel her panic, her distress rising!  There had to be something that she could do!  Something she could say!  Or maybe…..she didn’t need to say anything at all…..  Perhaps….in this instance, actions would speak louder than words…..

                With an effort to calm herself, Teana closed her eyes, tenderly nestling, leaning in, pressing her head up against his chest….

                                “Teana….”  Yami whispered, a hint of wonder within his voice.
                                “Yami, please…..  Please….?”  She responded

                Resting silently in his arms, she began to hope….  She hoped that there was at least some chance that this simple gesture would show him, prove to him that she didn’t want to leave things as they were; that even after everything that had happened she wanted him in her life, that she needed him….  In doing so, she could hear his heart beat again.  It was so much like before….before….everything…..  He held her like that for a long time…..  There were no words…..  Soon, she could actually feel the tension in his muscles lessening…..  And afterwards….she would have sworn that she had felt his hands begin to tremble, as he strengthened his hold on her, as he brought her even closer to him….  But then….the moment was shattered when he suddenly stepped forward!  His arms occupied, he progressed by turning himself sideways, using his shoulder to forcefully shove her wooden door open!

                With a deep sigh, Teana watched as Yami’s head shifted steadily from left to right, as he attempted to take in his surroundings.  However, this proved useless as the rooms that he saw before him were in shadow.  It was difficult to make out anything at all!  But then, Teana recalled that she hadn’t originally intended to return so late in the evening, so she had neglected to keep any of her lamps burning.  

                Keeping her eyes on him as he advanced, she noticed that he had kept the door wide open.  She reasoned that he had done this so the moonlight would course through the entranceway.  The two high open windows would provide additional light as well.  This way, the darkened area would at least be partially illuminated, until they could get a fire started that is.  Nevertheless, he slowly made his way inside, seemingly feeling his way, in order to avoid bumping or tripping into anything in his path.  Finally, he had caught a glimpse of Teana’s small bed.  It was a simple bed, consisting of a rectangular wooden frame, topped only with a twined reed mat and linen sheets.  Seeing it positioned against the left-hand wall, he gently placed her down. 

                As Teana struggled to make herself comfortable, she had begun to reposition her legs only to cringe when a painful, sudden movement reminded her of her wound once more.  Lowering herself slightly to rub her ankle, she glanced upward, shocked to see that Yami was still standing before her…..  In doing so, she was able to make eye contact with him for a fleeting moment….  Yes, she had looked into his face just long enough to see his own pained expression….before he retreated…  Before he turned his back on her yet again….. 

                Afterwards, traveling across the room to a low wooden table, he discovered a pair of flints.  Using bits of straw that he had found on the floor for fuel, he then proceeded to ignite the various clay lamps that he had found around the room.  He ignored the stone hearth on the floor however.  It was too warm a night for a raging fire; that was only necessary for the rare evenings when the temperatures actually plummeted! 

                When the task was completed, Yami started towards the entranceway….  Her dread returning, Teana opened her mouth to call to him, but before she could, she collected herself when she realized that he had only approached the door in an effort to shut it.  Afterwards he then began to secure the windows, lowering a pair of thin wooden blinds to block out the now unnecessary moonlight. 

                And yet….with the room sufficiently lit, Teana knew that Yami was now able to see her home clearly as well…..  As she sat there on the bed, she began to wonder what was coursing through his mind as he looked about.  After all, this house was among one of the smallest and poorest in the entire village…. 

                Much like the others, however, the building was constructed of sun-dried clay.  Surely Yami knew this much!  Teana herself was familiar with the process having seen the men laboring near the riverbanks.  If she could recall…..  Each of them would to proceed to gather mud near the Nile and they would then blend it together with sand and straw for stability.  Afterwards the mixture would then be placed into wooden molds before they were allowed to dry into the bricks that were piled together; thus making the thick, solid walls they saw around them.  Yes, Teana knew this all too well…..  Over the years, due to the harshness of the elements, some of the bricks would have to be replaced and Teana would have to take up the task herself; or at least to the best of her ability, when no one was willing to help her….
                But again, as far as the precise method in which her home was made, she knew that this was accurate in the case of nearly all the establishments in the area, including those belonging to the rich, upper class!  However, her modest rectangular home consisted of only two small rooms: this living room and bedroom which she thought to be more comfortable, due to the circulation of air that the windows provided, and the other used for work and storage.  It was outside or perhaps on the flat roof where she cooked her meals, with the aid of a baked clay oven; most notably on the days when the heat was especially severe.  She did have a small garden, irrigated by a small pool of water, near the entranceway of her home.  It was there that she grew her crops, such as the ones she had taken to the market that morning.  Though….  Other than that, there wasn’t much else to her home at all; only her meager furnishing….

                Apart from her bed, there was just the round table where Yami had discovered one of her lamps; set next to a few ceramic plates.  Also there was a pair of square, crudely cut, low wooden stools made from sycamore fig that Teana used for sitting or as a portable table for eating.  Along the walls they could see terra cotta vases in which she stored food, water, and lotuses that she often gathered near the Nile for their pleasant scent.  Positioned within a niche near the right-hand wall, there were a few figures of the gods as well, symbols of Ra in particular, that functioned as a simple shrine of worship. 

                In the other room, she kept a chest that contained her clothing and a few childhood mementos…..  On top of that chest, she kept two boxes: one for her own jewelry, and the second for the beads, tools, and other ceramic material that she used to make some that were suitable for trade at the market.  In the corners of this room, were a few wicker baskets full of thread and completed linen for weaving.  She had to keep the floor vacant so she could sew.  To do this, she used a spindle, a loom that consisted of three pegged wooden posts that even now contained an unfinished textile.  It was here that she also kept her ladder, allowing her access to the roof so she could place her clothing and sheets to dry.  Up above, she kept a few small plants on the ledge and yet another stool so she could occasionally look up at the night sky….and remember happier times….. 

                In any case, Teana was sure that Yami was accustomed to much nicer quarters….  Even the walls looked rather crude, especially when compared to the vibrant designs and richly colored paintings and wall hangings that she had heard were present within the palace.  Her plain earthen floor was bare as well; with the exception of a few reed mats located near the doorway.  Seeing all of this herself, Teana brought her hands to her face momentarily, as she felt a slight sense of embarrassment amongst the silence.  But no, she couldn’t worry about that, not now.  After all, she had more important things to attend to….. 

                She watched as Yami moved towards the other room, stopping near the threshold before facing her directly, at last. 

                                “May I?”  Yami said suddenly.

                Though she was slightly surprised, Teana nodded her head, knowing that he was asking her permission to rummage through her things.  He returned minutes later with some scraps of linen, most likely left over from one of the dresses or blankets that she had woven.  As her eyes continued to follow Yami’s movements, she saw that he had found the vase that contained fresh water.  He then proceeded to soak some of the fabric into it, followed by a quick twist to prevent it from dripping along the floor.  As he began to approach her, he stopped suddenly, noticing a small ceramic jar resting upon one of the two stools within the room.  Lifting it, he studied it briefly.  He then sniffed it, seemingly attempting to verify its contents.  When he appeared certain of what was inside he brought it with him until he stood before her again. 

                                “Are you able to raise your legs onto the bed?”  Yami asked her.
                                “Yes…  I think I can….” Teana replied. 

                Straining slightly, she used her arms for support as she slowly swung her lower body around, lifting it until it rested upon the linen sheets.  Her upper body remained in a sitting position.  Afterwards, seeing that there was enough room for him to take a seat as well, Yami removed the bandages, the torn bits of material from his robe that he had fastened around Teana’s ankle, previously.  Using the wet cloth, he began to clean the wound, washing away any and all blood around it.  Next, taking the small jar that he held, he used his middle and forefinger on his right hand to scoop into it, revealing a sticky substance.

                                *Honey….*  Teana thought to herself  *What is he….?*

                Carefully, Yami then began to rub the honey into the wound.  He occasionally gazed at her face as he continued his work, seemingly wary of any signs that he was hurting her….

                                “This will prevent the wound from deteriorating any further.  I can assure you."  Yami told her.
                                “But how do you-”  Teana began.
                                “It’s a skill that I learned from the priests.” Yami continued, answering her question. 

                When he had finished applying the honey, he used the remaining scraps of linen to firmly wrap her ankle again.  When he had finished, he faced her once more, eyeing her intently.  Teana was taken aback for a moment, unsure of why he was looking at her in that way.  She was even more surprised when he slowly began to raise his hand towards her! 

                                *What’s he doing now?*  Teana thought, a slight blush crossing her face again.  Finally, Yami placed his hand….on the side of her head….. 
                                “You were hurt….earlier….  There appears to be some slight swelling….”  Yami remarked. 

                Teana flinched slightly, as his fingers stroked the area in which her head had collided with the debris.  “But it doesn’t appear to be serious.  There is no need to bandage it either.  It should be all right in a few days.  All you require now … some much needed rest.”  Yami advised, allowing a hint of tenderness in his voice.  Unsure what to say, again, Teana simply nodded in response. 

                Suddenly, they found themselves locked in yet another awkward silence….  Yami had neglected to let go of her as well…..  Whether he was aware of it or not, his hand had traveled forward until it rested on her cheek.  Gazing into his face this time, Teana could actually see his conflict, the strenuous effort to maintain his distance, his icy demeanor. 

                                *This is hurting you Yami…..  I know it is.  I can see it in your face, in your eyes….  You need to know…..  You need to know that it hurts me too…..* Teana thought to herself, seemingly confident of what she was interpreting from him.  And yet…. she still felt so unsure….unsure of what he was thinking exactly….or if she really was ready to tell him about…

                Yes, a part of her was resisting too…..  The pain….  The turmoil she was experiencing…  Reliving…..!  It was not only due to her fear of losing him, or even because of the occurrences that had transpired throughout the day….  Her memories…..   So many events that were still so fresh in her mind, things that she just couldn’t forget…..  Was she really ready to face them again too….? 

                As the minutes past, Teana continued her internal struggle; her attempt to gather the courage, the strength to speak up at last!  But…at the same time…  It was so easy to lose herself in Yami’s touch, this light caress; even something as simple as having him gently brush her cheek with his thumb…. 

                                *Yami…..  What are you thinking?  Are you waiting for something to happen, for me to do something….?  Could it be possible….that you’re reaching out to me this time?*  Teana thought inwardly.  Finally, she raised her own hand to meet his…. But she had only touched him for a moment when he suddenly pulled away, moving his body to face away from her once more.  A new determination within her, Teana decided to try again.  “Yami…..I-”  She began grabbing his shoulders.
                                “No!  Don’t!”  Yami said as he stood, breaking free of her hold.  “I have to go….” he said walking towards the door.
                                “Please Yami!  You can’t leave like-”
                                “Hush now….  There’s nothing more to say.”  Yami whispered, stopping momentarily. 
                                “But there is!  Please!  Don’t walk away from me!  Not like this!”

                Yami didn’t respond.

                                “Yami….  I….  I just….don’t understand!  I don’t understand any of this…..  Why?  Why can’t we just talk about-"
                                “Why?!”  Yami cried.  Angrily, he turned to face her again.

                Startled, Teana felt herself begin to cower a bit, her body shrinking back due to his sudden outburst.  “That’s why…..!”

                Her reaction….  She knew that that was what he was making reference to…..  Yami sighed deeply, shaking his head.  Regaining his composure, he proceeded to speak. 

                                “Let me ask you this….”  Yami continued, crossing his arms.  “Can you honestly say that you were not afraid of me this evening?  Can you dispute the fact that I saw your terror; that you were filled with dread when you envisioned what I would do to those men, what I would do to you?!  Can you refute what I see in your eyes even now? 

                Teana lowered her gaze.

                                “I thought not…..”  Yami said, continuing on his way.
                                “That may be true…..No, it is true…..” Teana began stopping him yet again.  “But do you know what scared me even more…?  I was terrified…..when I thought that something had happened to you….when I thought that I would lose you…  The truth is……that was the fear that haunted me most tonight!  More than any other….  I felt it when I saw the darkness, your power…..  I felt it when I saw your lifeless body on the ground…..  And yes, I can even tell you that that’s what I’m most afraid of at this very moment…..”  She paused.  “But I wonder…..  Does that make a difference?  After telling you this, will that stop you from walking out that door?  Hmm?  You know…..  I was so concerned for you…..for your well-being…..for your feelings……  But you seem so oblivious, so indifferent towards mine……  I have to know…….Does any of this even matter to you at all!  Does it Yami!? ”  Teana cried. 

                In the back of her mind, she had surprised herself with her tone, her verbal explosion.  Even she was uncertain of her words, where they were leading her exactly….. But she reasoned that she should just let them come….  No, she couldn’t stop now…..  It was time to tell Yami her feelings, her story….everything that she had buried inside of her long ago…..!  Yes, she felt it… a number of suppressed emotions were beginning to resurface, to overtake her….they were all begging, screaming to be released! 

                Though she hadn’t seen it, Yami simply stood there lingering by the doorway as if he were contemplating, seemingly considering what she had just said. 

                                “Don’t you see….?”  Yami said softly.  His own tone had seemed to have lost its intensity, the force that it had minutes ago....  “It would be better for the both of us if we just leave this alone.  It’s too painful…..”  He remarked, his voice cracking slightly.
                                “Painful…..”  Teana echoed.

                Despite his reasoning, Yami appeared reluctant to move on.  He hadn’t budged an inch since he had last spoken.  He still seemed unable to decide whether he should stay or go….  But before he could reflect over the situation further, he turned to hear the sound of a quiet, humorless laughter behind him….. 

                                “I’m sorry….  But I just find that rather funny…..  Painful you say….  Oh Yami….  If you only knew...  And yet it looks like you won’t even give me the opportunity to tell you, will you……?  You’re still thinking about leaving….  Even now…..  You’ve convinced yourself that it’s the right thing to do…..  Haven’t you?….  How very noble…..  Well before you do, let me ask you a question….  Do you even see how stubborn you’re being?  How rigid?  Do you even care to know what you’ve just made me remember?  You’re so certain that I don’t understand….that I haven’t a clue of what you’re feeling right now…..  You really think…..that I don’t know anything at all about being hurt, or what it feels like to be alone, don’t you….?  Teana said almost darkly, sarcasm and anger within her voice!  “Well if you do, then you’re sadly mistaken!  Do you hear me?!  I know what pain is….!  I’ve experienced more suffering than some people feel throughout an entire lifetime!  But even so, I don’t use it as an excuse to run away!"  Teana exclaimed, her eyes burning into his. 

                She had stopped herself with those particular words…..almost regretting them, even if they had been helpful in proving her point.  Yes, she knew that she had to calm herself…..  There was no need to be hurtful…..  It surely wouldn’t help her situation!  And…. hurting Yami was the last thing that she wanted…...  No, it wasn’t what she wanted at all…. 

                Settling down a bit, she continued…..  "You don’t have to say it….  I know.....  I know that I was the one who ran away first…....  I won't deny that.....  But I won't run any more.  I'm tired of it.....  I’m tired of everything…..  The suffering…..  I just want it to stop……  What about you Yami?  Can you say the same?  Are you really that determined to get away from me?  Please…..  Don’t answer that…..  You don’t have to say anything…...  All I ask is that you listen to what I have to say.  And afterwards…..if you still want to go, I won’t stop you…...  But for now, just hear me out…..  Please?" 

                Teana was sitting on the side of her bed again.  And though she felt weak, she was able to raise her head boldly to meet Yami’s, to show him that she had meant what she had said.  Yes, she was ready now…  And as she gazed into his eyes, she knew that Yami was ready too, that she had his attention; that he was going to stay with her….at least for the moment…. 

                Slowly making his way to her side again, he sat down on the stool near the edge of her bed looking at her with a mixture of astonishment and a strange curiosity.  Teana sighed gratefully, giving Yami a weary but satisfied smile.  “I trust that you are ready to listen now?”  Teana asked him. 

                This time, it was Yami’s turn to nod in silence as he continued to sit there, attentively.  As he did so, Teana felt her body begin to tire…..  She had used up a great deal of energy with her emotional pleas…..  She laid herself down upon the bed once more, but she was as determined as ever to say her piece!  As a result, she positioned herself sideways so she could have a clear view of Yami who waited patiently for her to speak.  “Where to begin….?”  Teana said at last.  “I suppose we could start….with you still having this…”  Teana said, placing her hand on the Millennium Puzzle…..

Chapter 8