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This image is my illustrative work of the character Yami Yugi from the anime "Yu-Gi-Oh." Also in the work is the Egyptian god, Osiris (Slifer), and the monster Exodia.

The story is heavily influenced on Egyptian Mythology, as seen in the design of the Exodia monster. Even the the character I have depicted is revealed to be the soul of an ancient Pharoah, residing within the body of a young boy named Yugi!

Despite the popular card game within the actual plot, this anime is quite serious in tone and content, yet has a blend of emotion and humor as well. Much of the story's substance has been lost within the American version, airing on Kids WB on week day afternoons as well as Saturday mornings. But for those who are interested enough to delve deeper into this exciting anime, the Japanese version is highly recommended! :)

Like the other works this painting is done in opague water color.

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