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Yet, another "Dragon Ball Z" image, this illustration was actually done as a piece of cover art for a great piece of fanfiction written by a close friend. For more information on this, please visit the "About Me" page found here.

Depicted in the image are several of the starring characters of DBZ, Gohan, Videl, Vegeta, and Piccolo. However, there is also a new character, placed in the very center of the painting. She is my rendition of Veleet, half sister to Vegeta and the princess of all Saiyans, created by the author "Saiyan Scholar," or "Dragoness of Fire."

As told in the story, the character Veleet makes an enormous impact on the true characters of the series, especially the character Gohan. In creating this image, I wanted to imply her affect on them by the facial expressions that I have given them.

The story is compelling and written in a manner that stays true to the anime. However, the tone of this tale is more mature and in depth than any of the content seen previously in the series. Being a fan of this author's myself, I urge the viewer to sample the story personally. ^_^

Once more, the painting was completed in opague water color.

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