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This water color painting depicts the character of Yami Yugi, also from the anime, "Yu-gi-oh," however, this image was specifically created for my fanfiction, "Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed." Once again this story can be found here on the site or at:

The middle image of Yami that I painted has him wearing his "pharoah" attire from Ancient Egyptian times, designed by the creator for the newest manga installment, the "Egypt Arc."

However, the other two depictions of Yami were specifically designed by me. As described in my story, Yami is sttill a prince so I thought it fittting that he would be dressed differently before he was crowned king, as seen by the image of him on the left. This outfit was created after I conducted research on royal Egyptian attire.

The Yami on the right however, is dressed in a common peasentt's robe andd hood, an outfit that I have him wear when he decides to run away from the palace and roam the village streets in disguise!

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