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This painting, done in water color like all of the others, is a character design for my Yu-gi-oh fanfiction, "Transcending Memories: A Bond Unsealed."

The image depicts my original character Teana, one of the main characters of this story. Though, I originally borrowed the character and name from the "Yu-gi-oh: Forbidden Memories," playstation game, the design of her clothing, jewelry and so forth are of my own imagination, painted after extensive research on true Ancient Egytian culture.

This character is also based off the character of "Tea" (as they call her in the english dub) or "Anzu" (as she is called in the japanese version). Furthermore, she is from the "Yu-gi-oh" anime and manga, created by Kazuki Takaahashi. For more information about my character, Teana, however, please read my fanfiction located :

or you can read it here on the site.

In short however, this character is a love interest for Yami Yugi, in Ancient Egyptian times. I have also written her to be the previous incarnation of the modern day Tea/Anzu!

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